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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why did you not send me an activation email?

A. We always send you an email containing your activation code. It is sent automatically when you complete your registration. If you do not receive your welcome email from us, be sure to check your junk email folders. If you continue to have problems, use our Contact Page to get in touch.

Q. When I tried to register I was told my email address was already on file - but I have not registered with this website before. Why?

A. FSPORTS have run a number of different competitions over recent years, all of which share the same user database. It is likely that you have registered with us previously via a different website. We can send you your username and instructions on how to reset your password - simply provide your email in the 'Forgotten your details?' section on the login page.

Q. How do I update the flag next to my team name?

A. The flag displayed is the country you chose at registration. You can update your flag in the Player Profile menu which appears beneath your name when logged in.

Q. Will I be asked to pay anything, such as transfer fees or subscriptions, at any point during this competition?

A. Our competitions are genuinely free. The only time you may part with any cash is if you choose to do so by making a donation. At no point will we persuade or force you to make a donation - it is 100% voluntary. You are not disadvantaged in any way if you do not make a donation, and all players still qualify for any prizes we offer to our competition winners.

Login / Account Details

Q. I recently made a donation but my account is still showing as 'Regular'. How long does it take for the upgrade to happen?

A. The process of upgrading accounts is not automatic - please allow 24 hours for any upgrades to show.

Your Team

Q. How can I change my Entry Name?

A. Click on you the 'EDIT NAME' link on the 'Manage my Entry' page.

Q. How can I change my strategy?

A. You current strategy is displayed alongside your entry name on the 'Manage my Entry' page. You are only able to change your strategy before the cutoff for the first race. You can change your strategy by clicking on the current setting.

Your League(s)

Q. How do I start my own league?

A. Once you have created your own entry, select the 'Create New League' option which appears in the menu beneath your name when logged in.

Q. How many people can join my league?

A. There is no limit to the number of people that can join your league although the league administrator may choose to close or limit the number of entries in their league if they so choose.

Q. What / where is my League Number?

A. The League Administrator can see the League Number of the League Admin page - alongside the League Name. If you are not the League Administrator you will need to obtain the League Number from them.



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